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SOAR strategic planning


SOAR publications (PDF)

Optimizing the U.S. Ground-Based Optical and Infrared Astronomy System (Elmegreen report)


SOAR 2020 workshop schedule

Monday March 13 – Day 1
8:30 9:30 Rio B. Castilho Welcome and Purpose
8:40 9:40 UNC/ Clemens C. Clemens Welcome
8:50 9:50 J. Elias SOAR overview: current capabilities and plans
9:20 10:20 C. Briceno SOAR science: overview and highlights
9:50 10:50 Both Coffee break
10:05 11:05 UNC/ Elias A. Bolton LSST and the OIR System in the 2020s
10:35 11:35 R. Street Time Domain Astronomy in the 2020s
11:05 12:05 J. Burt TESS Mission and SOAR
11:35 12:35 Both Lunch
13:05 14:05 UNC/ Strader

R. Margutti

M. Gennaro

S. Kannappan

Eruptions, disruptions and Stellar Explosions: news from the Universe fourth dimension (20m)

Enabling new science with the SAM Multi-Object Spectrograph (SAMOS) (20m)

The REsolved Spectroscopy Of a Local VolumE (RESOLVE) Survey (20m)

15:20 16:20 Both Coffee break
15:35 16:35 TBD TBD Review of discussion groups
15:50 16:50 Both TBD Discussion groups
17:20 18:20 Both End of day


Tuesday March 14 – Day 2

Posters can be set up in the morning for viewing during breaks: Rio & UNC
8:30 9:30 Both Castilho Clemens Announcements
8:40 9:40 Rio/ Baptista B. Quint


A. Tokovinin

A.M. Magalhaes


C .Rodrigues

A. Candal

Preliminary results obtained at the Science Verification of the SAM-FP Mode (15 min)


Diffraction-limited observations at SOAR: present and future (20 min)

Linear Polarimetry in the Near Infrared with SOAR (15 min)

SPARC4 – Simultaneous Polarimeter and Rapid Camera in 4 bands (15 min)

The physical characterization of small Solar System bodies with SOAR (15 min)

10:05 11:05 Both Coffee break
10:20 11:20 UNC/ Elias C. Thomas


C. Ziegler


D. Fischer

J. Strader

Mission Accessible Near-Earth Objects Survey (MANOS): Photometry and Spectroscopy Results (20 min)

Robo-SOAR and Robo-AO Observing of Planet Candidates  (PDF version) (15 min)

SORCERESS: a high-resolution spectrograph for exoplanet discovery at SOAR (PDF version) (20 min)

Gamma-Ray Loud Compact Binaries and the Origin of Millisecond Pulsars (20 min)

11:35 12:35 Both Lunch
13:05 14:05 Rio/ Castilho A. Ardila


M. Marinello

D. Pauletti


M Makler

U. Barres


S.O. Kepler

Active Galactic Nuclei research with SOAR: present and upcoming capabilities (20 min)

Unraveling the Excitation Mechanisms of Super-Strong FeII Emitting AGNs (15 min)

Spectroscopic mapping of the physical properties of supernova remnant N49 using the SOAR telescope (15 min)

Cosmology and fundamental physics from a superconducting camera at SOAR (15 min)

Potential synergies on MWL science between the future CTA observatory and SOAR (15 min)

White Dwarfs and Subdwarfs with SOAR (20 min)

14:45 15:45 Both Coffee break
15:00 16:00 UNC/ Briceno S. Torres

N. Law

SOAR Data Reduction Pipelines Progress Report (PDF version) (20 min)

Evryscope time-domain followup (20 min)

15:40 16:40 Both TBD Discussion group logistics
15:45 16:45 Both TBD Discussion groups
17:15 18:15 Both End of day


Wednesday March 15 – Day 3

8:30 9:30 Both? TBD Announcements
8:40 9:40 Rio/ Castilho R. Diaz Gemini Instrument Program as an opportunity for collaborations at Cerro Pachon (20 min)
8:55 9:55 Both Group reps. Discussion group summaries RIO FIRST (10 min each )
10:30 11:30 Both Coffee break
10:45 11:45 UNC/ Law C. Briceno


J. Fuchs

E. Dennihy

SOAR AO Discovery of a Parsec-Scale Herbig-Haro Jet from a Brown Dwarf (15 min)

Spectroscopy of White Dwarfs with the Goodman Spectrograph (15 min)

White Dwarf exo-planetary disk dynamics as revealed by the Red Camera (15 min)

11:30 12:30 UNC C. Clemens Workshop wrap-up (PDF version)
12:00 13:00 Both End of workshop!

High speed imaging and photometry

3D spectroscopy